Selected Press for Dream of Pixels

  • “If only I could look up and touch a tetromino-filled sky... Until then, I thankfully have Dream of Pixels.”
    John Polson, Read more
  • “Colours swirl like fresh daubs on a watercolour, and are given a starry, ethereal backdrop, like a distant dusty nebula seen through the Hubble telescope. ... Every aspect of the game has been thought through with care.”
    Tom Phillips, Read more
  • “With Dream of Pixels, developer Dawn of Play has discovered that Tetris is just as addictive when you play it in reverse.”
    Chris Aylott, Read more
  • “Dream of Pixels is a game that takes the Tetris concept, turns it upside down and adorns it with some dreamy graphics.”
    Stan Schroeder, Read more
  • “Just watching the trailer I can feel years of pent-up stacking tension slipping away. So lovely.”
    Mike Fahey, Read more
  • “Dream of Pixels is fantastically clever, and I would dare to say that it’s an even better gameplay experience than classic Tetris.”
    Juli, Read more
  • “There's certainly plenty of content in Dream of Pixels, and the gorgeous art style, with its puffs and swirls of smoke and ever-changing vista of pastel colours, is an absolute joy to behold. Coupled with a fittingly trance-y soundtrack, every aspect of the package is polished and poised.”
    Harry Slater, Read more
  • “Taking a classic puzzle game, turning it upside-down, then playing it backwards might sound both too simple and overly complicated but it actually works brilliantly. Dream of Pixels successfully revitalizes one of the most popular styles of puzzle, turns it on its head, and changes the rules while still keeping everything familiar. The sheer addictiveness is more than enough to warrant a purchase but the wealth of bonus modes (especially Puzzle) make it a no-brainer.”
    Rob Rich, Read more
  • “Dream of Pixels ist nicht nur die mit Abstand beste Adaption an Tetris, sondern im direkten Vergleich dem Original in vielen Punkten weit voraus.”, Read more
  • “"Dream Of Pixels is a fantastic and reversed take on Tetris. ... It really is a classic puzzle game inverted and I do love the creativity behind the concept and the gameplay overall. A very fun game that should appeal to Tetris veterans and puzzle fanatics alike."”
    Alex Wilkinson, Read more
  • “Dream of Pixels basiert auf einer der bekanntesten Ideen der Games-Geschichte – natürlich macht das Spiel großen Spaß. Wer bei Tetris die Welt um sich herum vergisst, dem wird es bei Dream of Pixels genauso ergehen.”
    Patrick Beuth, Read more

Awards & Recognition for Dream of Pixels